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webGED: Progenitor

The Builder-User Perspective

webGED:Progenitor is a program written to run under Microsoft's WIN95 operating systems. It takes a "Builder-User's" GEDCOM file and "generates" a corresponding set of WWW pages that can be installed on an Interternet Service Provider (ISP) facility to permit potential "Viewer-Users" all over the world to access this information via the Internet.

The following web-site pages and files are constructed by webGED:Progenitor, using input provided by the Builder-User -

webGED:Progenitor uses the following information about each individual from the Builder-User's GEDCOM in constructing the corresponding entry in its output ancestry pages -

webGED:Progenitor will calculate estimated birth dates for individuals whose entries in the GEDCOM input lack such information. Rough estimating rules will be used and all such estimated dates will be identified by a "*" character (e.g. "*1935") in the generated ancestry pages. In addition, all qualified dates in the GEDCOM (e.g. "about 1947" or "after 1880" ) will be denoted by preceding the year by an appropriate symbol in the Life-Span dates (e.g. ~1947, >1800).

At the Builder-User's option, webGED:Progenitor will optionally provide special treatment for information on individuals born after a Builder-User chosen threshold date. Depending on the option chosen, all such information can be surpressed or cross references to that individual from other entries will be included - but without any date information.

The Builder-User will have the option to include Notes from the GEDCOM for all individuals and/or all marriages.

The Builder-User will have several other inputs to control the content and appearance of the generated pages -

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