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Other Propst Researchers

*Debbie-Descendant of George E Propst and Alice Baugher
*K.T.Carr-Anderson-Descendant of T.K. Propst of Weld and Logan County, Colorado
*Bill Brobst-Curator, Brobst/Probst Family Registry
*Thomas J. Davis-Descendant of Frederick George Propst 1748-1801.
*Gary L. Eye-Descendant of Elizabeth Propst 1775-1869 and Christian Eye.
*Kathy Hall-Descendant of Harvey Augusta Propst and Mary Nell Turner
*Mary Katherine Hebenstreit-Halbrook Homepage-Descendants of Jacob Probst & Sarah Elizabeth Lyons
*Iris Propst Kessler-Descendant of James M Propst b1847 VA and Sara M. Propst
*Larry Burns Kincaid -Great Grandson of Mary Cenora Propst and John W. Burns.
*Nancy Kroupa -Descendant of Christian Eye and Elizabeth Propst.
*Jim Mouse-
*Barbara McCollum-Ggggranddaughter of William Propst and Hannah Causby.
*Paula Olds-Descendant of Elizabeth Propst 1775-1869 and Christian Eye.
*Nancy Payne-
*David R. Propst- Descendant of Lester Roy Propst & Eula Lorraine Conley of Rockingham County, VA
*Lisa Printz Propst-Descendant of Perry (1890)& Maggie Propst of Pendleton County.
*N. Propst-
*Susan Propst-Descendant of John H. Propst (c1812-1904) and Margaret Kennedy (1817-1900) of Fairfield County, SC
*Debbie Robb-Descendant of George (of Henry) Propst and Phebe Bowers
*James C. Smith, Jr-Descendant of William M. Propst and Mary Ann Carver
*K. Starr
*Kim-Descendant of Frank Powell Propst of Bay Minette, Alabama.

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